Tiger and Thief – 3D printable model

For 3D Printing – STL only!

Tiger and Thief



Tiger and Thief – STL only! 

The Thief comes with lots of accessories and different pose options!

  • She has 5 head versions you can choose from!
  • 4 Torso versions with different weapon option! Just pick the combination you like the most
  • 2 different Base version. Smaller and bigger. Combine the bigger Version with my Tiger sculpture and create a diorama.

Every base comes in 2 versions – uncut and cut version, for those who want to print on smaller Printers.

The original size is 1/6 scale. There is a size chart in the pictures. Keep in mind, the Tiger is bigger than a regular Human.

Both come presupported and unsupported. The Thief has lychee files included as a bonus.

You are not allowed to sell the 3D prints, 3D files or make molds for mass production.